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2016: reflections on mortality and history

The internet is a grim place at the moment, even more than usual. It seems whenever I look at Twitter I have to choose between people bellyaching about Brexit, bellyaching about Trump, or ever more doom-laden predictions of the apocalypse. … Continue reading

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Down from the pedestal: reflections on research and performance

I learnt pretty quickly when I first started my PhD never to admit that my subject is music. Even ‘music history’ is a bit risky. There’s something about the word ‘music’ that gets people excited and makes them forget that … Continue reading

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In which I join the 21st century…

So I finally have Twitter – please follow me! I promise I won’t harass you with pictures of my dinner (though I may include some of my dogs, who are much more beautiful than dinner) @DaisyMGibbs

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